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Beach Surf Site

Linao Cave

Fear not to enter this cave. Curiosity will command your desires. Observe by bushes and rocks and sloped high, down there clear and vivid water will shine. All of a sudden the cave and the water, the water and the cave will loosen knots of your brain and you will whisper “I am in the fullest fulfilment of my adventure in Guiuan!


The gem of Guiuan, Calicoan Island boasts of 3 kilometers of white sand beaches, a contiguous beach forest with rich wildlife, waves for surfing, and the perfect view of the Pacific Ocean.


Pagnamitan Natural Pool, perfect for swimming and picnic activities.

Sulangan Church / San Antonio de Padua Shrine

Because of the many miracles attributed to him, St. Anthony is known to many pilgrims and believers all throughout the Philippines.

Suluan Island


One of the most beautiful and virgin islands of Guiuan, Suluan is home to rugged landscapes, rolling hills, white sand beaches and the bluest sea.

Panambuan Cave (Sulu-an Island)


Sur Campangihon

The biggest among the 6 lagoons in Calicoan Island, the beauty and tranquility of the Sur Campangihon is ideal for nature lovers.

Guiuan Public Market

Visit the Guiuan Public Market to see the rich marine products of Guiuan.

White Sand Beach

Surfing Capital Of Visayas

Dubbed as the Surfing Capital of Visayas, Calicoan Surf Site is in the bucket list of all surfers in the Philippines.

Inmaculada Conception Parish Church

Known for its unique shell ornamentation, the 16th century Guiuan church is one of the 26 National Cultural Churches of the Philippines.

Homohon Historical Site

Known as the Magellan’s Landing Site, this historic site in Homonhon Island is where Ferdinand Magellan and his crew landed on March 17, 1521 after a long and tiring voyage in the Pacific. Our prehistoric ancestors gave them food and showed them humanity and compassion, which allowed them to continue their journey and accomplish what is now known as the First Circumnavigation of the World.

3149 US Naval Depot

Towards the end of WWII, Guiuan became one of the largest U.S. Naval Bases in the Far East. This site commemorates the important role of Guiuan in the liberation of the Philippines.

Tubabao Historical Site

The former United Nations Evacuation Center in Tubabao island served as a transit point for 6,000 White Russian and European refugees from China fleeing from Communism from 1949 to 1951.

"Guiuan, Bungto ta...Higugma-a ta!"

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