COVID Recoveries

07 December 2020

Good News!
We have 39 Additional RECOVERIES today! This brings our Total Recoveries to 501.

They are as follows:
ES-364 (EV-7960) Guiuan
ES-390 (EV-8021) Sulat
ES-416 (EV-8153) Sulat
ES-417 (EV-8154) Sulat
ES-463 (EV-8348) Sulat
ES-465 (EV-8350) Sulat
ES-466 (EV-8351) Sulat
ES-468 (EV-8353) Sulat
ES-469 (EV-8354) Sulat
ES-471 (EV-8356) Sulat
ES-482 (EV-8381) Salcedo
ES-483 (EV-8451) Borongan City
ES-484 (EV-8452) Borongan City
ES-485 (EV-8453) San Julian
ES-490 (EV-8538) Borongan City
ES-491 (EV-8539) Guiuan
ES-492 (EV-8540) Guiuan
ES-493 (EV-8541) Guiuan
ES-494 (EV-8542) Guiuan
ES-495 (EV-8543) Guiuan
ES-496 (EV-8544) Lawaan
ES-497 (EV-8545) Lawaan
ES-498 (EV-8546) Lawaan
ES-499 (EV-8547) Lawaan
ES-500 (EV-8548) Lawaan
ES-501 (EV-8549) Lawaan
ES-502 (EV-8550) Lawaan
ES-503 (EV-8551) Lawaan
ES-504 (EV-8552) Lawaan
ES-505 (EV-8553) Lawaan
ES-506 (EV-8554) Lawaan
ES-507 (EV-8555) Lawaan
ES-508 (EV-8556) Lawaan
ES-509 (EV-8531) Salcedo
ES-510 (EV-8530) Salcedo
ES-511 (EV-8557) Sulat
ES-512 (EV-8558) Sulat
ES-513 (EV-8559) Sulat
ES-515 (EV-8603) General MacArthur
ES-523 (EV-8611) Quinapondan
ES-524 (EV-8612) Sulat
ES-525 (EV-8613) Sulat
ES-526 (EV-8614) Sulat
They have completed their Mandarory 10-Days Isolation/Quarantine and have never developed any symptoms or have been asymptomatic for at least 3 days.
The LGUs concerned may impose additional quarantine measures based on their local health protocols.
We have 57 Active Cases as of today.

"Guiuan, Bungto ta...Higugma-a ta!"

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